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Artist, photographer & writer dedicated to proving that life is as beautiful as we make it. Co-founder of Secret Guide to Alternative Beijing & Coilhouse

  • Modern day Renaissance woman.

    Auxiliary Magazine
  • From writing and illustration to photography and styling, Zoetica Ebb is an artist whose talent has manifested in many forms.

    LA Weekly
  • Russian Angelina Jolie. Brains and beauty – sign us up.

    G4 TV
  • She leaves us with more questions than answers. She rocks a room & makes every head turn her way. We admire her. We {secretly} envy her. There is no denying it, she possesses that IT Factor!

    A Stroke of Pink
  • The perfect example of someone being as weird as they want to be, working as hard as possible and being able to live. She may not have the luxury of free time, but no one could look at Zoetica’s life and say she isn’t truly living.

    Morbid Fashion

My name is Zoetica Ebb. I’m a Moscow-born, LA-raised artist, writer and photographer, dedicated to proving that life is as beautiful as we make it.

Right now, I live in Northern California and am working on Alien Botany — a multimedia art series dedicated to beastly flora and antique botanical illustration. Alien Botany is series of hyper-detailed concept drawings, fine art prints, limited edition fashion collections and electronics accessories, with the long-term goal of a coffee table book. Alien Botany is funded through your support on Patreon.

My previous projects include The Secret Guide to Alternative Beijing – a video travel guide series giving insight into the skyrocketing alternative art, fashion, music, and nightlife culture in Beijing. On this project, I function as curator, co-director and host. The initial phase of The Secret Guide was funded through Kickstarter. This is my second Kickstarter effort – in 2011, I raised $8,400 for D4RT – a project aiming to bring art classes and supplies to a developing village in the Peruvian Amazon jungle, where I taught an introductory kids’ art workshop and, together with village locals, painted a mural on the school wall.

In 2011, I launched GHST RDR – my first foray into fashion design in collaboration with Adriana Fulop of Toronto label, Plastik Wrap. GHST RDR is a mini-collection consisting of an architectural, retro-futuristic jacket-and-skirt combo, inspired by Victorian riding fashion and anime robots.

I’ve also worked as a culture writer and photographer for RedBull’s Chinashop Magazine [RIP], specializing in urban exploration and art coverage. I visited independent businesses and the studios of fellow artists and fashion designers, documenting creative spaces and conducting interviews. From 2007 to 2012 I was part of Coilhouse – a magazine and blog I co-founded, billed as “a love letter to alternative culture”. During my time with Coilhouse, I functioned as co-editor, project manager, merchandise designer, writer and illustrator, interviewing Clive Barker and Grant Morrison among many other luminaries.

I’m an infrequent contributor to Haute Macabre.



  • Gag Me With a Toon 5, WWA Gallery, LA
  • Conjoined 3, Copro Nason Gallery, LA
  • Zombie!, Last Rites Gallery, NYC


  • 100 Skulls, Wonderland Gallery, LA
  • Veneris, Skotia Gallery, LA
  • Conjoined 2 in 3D, Copro Nason Gallery, LA
  • Gag Me With a Toon 4, WWA Gallery, LA


  • The Ghost of Delilah and Other Stories, Gallery 1988
  • This is Not an Invitation to Rape Me, Fox Art Gallery
  • The Best Little Whorehouse in LA, The Foundation Room, LA House of Blues


  • Monster?, Copro Nason Gallery, LA
  • Beerotica 2, The Hive Gallery, LA
  • Induced Epidemics, Chaos Gallery, LA


  • Off-world Cloud Hunters, Plastik Wrap, Toronto, Canada
  • Dances of Vice, Element, NYC
  • Beerotica, The Hive Gallery, LA
  • LA Noir, The Burian-Mohr Foundation, LA
  • Fist Full of Metal, Hope Gallery, New Haven, CT


  • Seven Brides Electrified, Jail gallery (curated and exhibited), LA


  • Masters of the Dark, Night Gallery, CA


  • Group exhibit, Arena Gallery, LA


  • Launch Pad – Next Generation, Don O’Melveny Gallery, LA


  • Hodge Podge, curated by Julie Rico, Highway Performance Space
  • Group exhibit, Don O’Melveny Gallery


  • New York International Art Fair by Julia Lubim Gallery, NYC


  • Obscurity to Freedom – Russian Immigrant Artists, Finegood Art Gallery


Fine art prints, original works and more.

Stardust_to_Stardust_ZoeticaEbb_4 Stardust to Stardust limited edition print Prints · Product
stickers1 SOLD OUT | Bernie Stardust Stickers Product · Stickers
black2 ALIEN BOTANY DRESS: THECA Alien Botany · Product · Space Fashion
violet1 SOLD OUT Alien Botany · Product · Space Fashion
rainbow2s ALIEN BOTANY DRESS: VENENUM Alien Botany · Product · Space Fashion
P1080505 Ghost Orchid Gold-threaded Greeting Card Alien Botany · Prints · Product
P1080571 Bzzzt – Greeting Card with Gold Thread Prints · Product
SpaceRat_fitted Space Rat Unit, Fitted Product · Space Fashion
EarthSucks_fitted Earth Sucks Unit, Fitted Product · Space Fashion
IMG_2489 Meww Fine Art Greeting Card Prints · Product
*WhiteRainbow SOLD OUT Alien Botany · Product · Space Fashion
*BlackRainbow Alien Botany Leggings: Toxic Alien Botany · Product · Space Fashion
*MimusCandentis SOLD OUT Alien Botany · Product · Space Fashion
*BlackMonochrome Alien Botany Leggings: Void Alien Botany · Product · Space Fashion
AlienBotany_Scarf_AmethystAsh SOLD OUT Alien Botany · Product · Space Fashion
We know how you feel SOLD OUT Product · Space Fashion
We know how you feel SOLD OUT Product · Space Fashion
We know who you are SOLD OUT Product · Space Fashion
We know who you are SOLD OUT Product · Space Fashion
2_HerbariumDeluxePrints_ZoeticaEbb SOLD OUT Alien Botany · Prints
Alko-web-3 Alkonost Prints
IMG_2148 Amorphophallus Venusinus Alien Botany · Originals
GHSTRDR_4 GHST RDR Projects · Space Fashion
t_MollyMillions Molly Millions Print Gibson Girls · Prints
Messenger_shop01 Stratosphere Messenger | LAST TWO Prints
Spacefriend_shop02 Spacefriends Sticker Set Stickers
printsetnowords_shop Print Set Alien Botany · Prints
GG2 Gibson Girls Print Set Gibson Girls · Prints
Cypripedium_shop01 Cypripedium Lingua Alien Botany · Originals
Cypripedium_shop Cypripedium Lingua Alien Botany · Prints
t_ChiaPetMcKensie Chia Pet McKenzie Print Gibson Girls · Prints
Cephalotus_shop01 Cephalotus Geminus Alien Botany · Originals
Cephalotus_shop Cephalotus Geminus Alien Botany · Prints
Cayce Pollard Cayce Pollard Print [CPP] Gibson Girls · Prints


AlienBotany_Interaction2_wb Current Artwork Art · Traditional Media
IMG_4003 Ink + Digital Illustration 2006 – 2011 Ink + Digital Illustration · Tattoo Design
Alkonost | Commissioned tattoo design, graphite on paper. Select Traditional Media 2000 – 2013 Traditional Media
Original art and label design for Persephone Cosmetics Commercial Art + Design Commercial Art + Design


Say Cheese...

P1000455 Cathouse. Donegal, Ireland Photography · Places
Galway_Cliffs_of_Moher_by_Zoetica_Ebb_29 Neolithic Galway & Cliffs of Moher Photography · Places
1_IMG_6713 Atmosphere Atmosphere · Photography
02_ZoeticaEbb_Portrait Portrait People · Photography
01_ZoeticaEbb_Eros Eros People · Photography
1_IMG_5810 Mash-up Photography · Places
18_CountyMayo_ZoeticaEbb Mhaigh Eo, Ireland Photography · Places
Wonderland_ZoeticaEbb_08 Wonderland, China Photography · Places
IMG_0101 China Photography · Places
4000px_PaulK_ZE_04 Home of Dr. Paul Koudounaris Photography · Places
01_MarketPeru_ZoeticaEbb Market, Peru Photography · Places
Caption Test Newgrange, Ireland Photography · Places


Things I do.

IMG_0628s Alien Botany Projects
GHSTRDR_4 GHST RDR Projects · Space Fashion
1955 Bourbon-based Pomade Persephone Projects
D4RT_workshops_ZoeticaEbb_01 D4RT Projects
TheSecretGuideToAlternativeBeijing_thumb The Secret Guide to Alternative Beijing Projects
_Press Coilhouse Projects

Hire Me!

I’m available for a variety of assignments. Please drop me a line for rates and further discussion.



The talents of Bilibin, Zvorykin, Dmitriev and Rackham breathed life into the stories that fed my imagination as a kid – it’s no surprise that I began to draw the moment I could hold a pencil. Today, I love creating imagery that helps take novels, stories, articles, brands and posters to another level.

Fine Art

Painting is my muse, ink and oil are my indulgence. I paint on canvas, wood, walls or paper, and specialize in portraits, surreal plant-life, creatures and otherworldly vixens. I’m open to most types of commissions and will work with you to accurately capture your vision.

Tattoo Design

Treat yourself or your dearhearts to a gift that lasts a lifetime with original tattoo designs created just for you, be it tentacles, snorkeling mermaids, skeletal birds or pretty robots. Contact me with your questions and ideas for a quote.

Fashion Design

I’m available for collaboration on fashion projects, whether that means T-shirt designs or entire avant garde pieces. I have my own mini-collection with Toronto future fashion pioneers, Plastik Wrap. If you’re a company or design house and have a proposal in mind, I’d love to hear from you.


I create unique, distinct art components for all your brand identity and merchandising needs.


I have years of experience in editing, writing and interviewing, with a special interest in arts, travel, fashion, sociology and new technologies. Passionate about in-depth essays, speedy quips and incisive reportage alike, I’m available for all of the above and more.


From in-the-field photojournalism, travel coverage, urban exploration, dynamic headshots and promotional band photos, to fashion editorials and portraits – I shoot it all.


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